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Infomatics Systems. Staffing REQUIREMENT FORM  
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What is the expected duration of the assignment?
Are any tests or clearances necessary? Yes No
Do you anticipate any overtime? Yes No
How much?
What is the target bill rate for this position?
If I find someone who is perfect but exceeds the target bill rate, do you still want to consider him / her? Yes No
Is this req approved through: HR Purchasing
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If there are any technical questions, is it ok if my senior recruiter,  gives you a call? Yes No
Is there anyone who has worked for you in the past who you would want back? Yes No
From which specific companies would you like a candidate to have had experience?
Have you called any other contracting firms? Yes No
If yes, which ones?
If no, would you please give me a 24-hour exclusive on this req? Yes No
I've got a few people in mind that I think are perfect for you. I'll contact them and have them give you a call at (work out a mutually agreeable time).
If the interview goes well, when will I have them start?
Do you have any other needs? Yes No
Do you know of any other managers who may need contract employees at this time? Yes No